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This is an actual email that was sent to me not long ago -- apparently “to benefit the very evolution of our species” and “turn our ripples into waves.” I added the emphasis, removed identifying information, but otherwise this is the exact email as sent. (Spoiler alert: I respectfully declined.)... Read more →

Google has released stunning virtual reality tours of five national parks, as part of the celebration of the 100th annniversary of the National Park System. From the Kenai Fjords of Alaska to the Dry Tortugas of Florida and deep into the Carlsbad Caverns of New Mexico, you can go on... Read more →

I'm excited to let you know that I will soon be taking on a newly created role at the Academy, the Senior Instructional Design Lead for the Science Action Club. This is a new position working with our largest youth program, the Science Action Club (SAC), a high-impact STEM learning... Read more →

Check out this neat article by Jessica Decker on iNaturalist, a mobile app that is empowering regular folks to make nature observations that help science. To date more than 1 million observations have been made using iNaturalist! One unanticipated benefit has been that the app has been creating communities of... Read more →

Last Friday, some folks from the education and visualization sections of the California Academy of Sciences got to play with some neat virtual reality prototypes at the offices of Swissnex San Francisco. Entitled "Real Virtuality," this interactive exhibit focused on three VR simulations created by the Geneva-based foundation Artanim. As... Read more →