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After more than six wonderful, exciting years at the California Academy of Sciences, I'm now looking for new professional opportunities, starting around June or July. I’ve had an incredible experience at the Academy, grown a lot, met some wonderful colleagues, and worked on a number of fun and exciting projects.... Read more →

I love this dope science music video on gems and minerals, which features some of our talented young people in the Teen Advocates for Science Communications (TASC) program at the California Academy of Sciences. Warning: it's quite an earworm. Thanks to science Youtubers "Science with Tom" for doing an excellent... Read more →

Stanford: Most Young People Can't Spot Fake News

Most young people can't distinguish between a fake news story and a legitimate source, a fake Twitter account and a real one, or an advertisement or the article it's contained within. This according to a new study released by Stanford University today. According to lead author Sam Wineburg and his... Read more →

The California Academy of Sciences released a whole new set of Flipside Science videos, short explorations of different environmental topics. This series deals with the important topic of ENERGY, and stars Bay Area teens that volunteer at the Academy. Check out all the videos below. Learn more about Flipside Science... Read more →

My new colleague at the California Academy of Sciences , Po Bhattacharyya made this wonderful animated video about the lancet liver fluke (Dicrocoelium dendriticum) while an undergrad at Brown. I didn't know what a lancet river fluke was before the video, but like Po, I'm a fan! CreatureCast - Lancet... Read more →