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I'm excited to share the news about KQED Learn, a free, safe online space for students to engage in thoughtful discussions about timely societal topics, using fact-based arguments and social media that they share. As the next generation of KQED's awesome "Do Now" series, this looks like a great tool... Read more →

The Science Action Club team that I'm a member of is seeking to hire an instructional designer. It's a great job, on a great team, at a great museum. If you are a bad ass instructional designer who loves science, you should consider applying. More about the position: Reporting to... Read more →

A couple of years ago, I met Simone Giertz, a young Swedish woman interested in lindy hop and making electronic gadgets. That's three things that I love in one person: dancing lindy hop! making electronic gadgets! being Swedish! Chatting with Simone at a lindy hop social, I mentioned that I... Read more →

A couple of weeks ago, we got the official word on the phasing out of the MacArthur Foundation's support for Digital Media and Learning. While this was not terribly surprising for those of us who have been in the field and paying attention, it still is a major shift in... Read more →

One of the buzzwords we use a lot in Cal Academy youth programs is "pivoting." To pivot is a necessary and even welcome part of the process of working with youth. "Pivoting" is a term borrowed from business, and in particular tech companies, to describe how a firm can rapidly... Read more →

Check out this great blog post by Chanun, one of our TASC Force youth volunteers, about his experience participating in a “youth civic hackathon” at TechShop San Francisco this past weekend. Chanun writes eloquently about what he and two other Academy youth did and learned over the course of the... Read more →